Blog: Why Clearwater is Losing to Scientology - 2019-11-25

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F376.png Why Clearwater is Losing to Scientology November 25, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Tracey McManus broke another story concerning downtown Clearwater and scientology on Friday.

It speaks volumes about why scientology has been able to proceed unchecked with its announced plan of making Clearwater the "first scientology city."

The elected officials of Clearwater are so intimidated by the organization, and so lacking in understanding of how it works, they stumble along "trying to get along." They are forever being quoted saying "you have to play the hand you deal" and other explanations/excuses for being outplayed, outsmarted and outwitted by scientology. David Miscavige and scientology are playing a long game in Clearwater, with unlimited funds and unlimited time. The city are always trying to come up with a new plan to "revitalize" downtown in the face of the scientology blight. Those plans require money. Because they are NOT getting it from the properties that scientology has taken off the tax rolls. So, they will take it from anywhere they can get it.