Blog: Why Isn't Anyone Doing What We Tell Them? - 2014-12-01

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F376.png Why Isn't Anyone Doing What We Tell Them? December 1, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This was just mailed to me. It is a little dated, but one thing you can be certain of — things have not gotten better since this was issued.

It might be difficult to read as this is a scan of what appears to be a photocopy of a fax of a "goldenrod." But I am laying out the important things here anyway, which are the figures on the first page which explain why this interrogatory is being issued. For those not familiar with an "interrogatory" it is something issued by the Ethics Department intended to help them get to the bottom of a bad situation by interrogating people about what they might know. Recipients are supposed to respond, it is considered an offense not to do so.

According to their preamble, there are 275 OTs in the local field. They are not making a lot of progress on clearing the UK, let alone East Grinstead which has a population of 25,000 (there are 100,000 in Crawley right next door). They have been delivering OT levels at St Hill since 1967... And that is the extent of the community? And 275 is the result of 47X, straight up and vertical expansion.