Blog: Why Learn Something Of Quantum Theory? - 2013-04-10

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F0.png Why Learn Something Of Quantum Theory? April 10, 2013, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Some people have inferred that I am implying that people ought to become expert in quantum mechanics as some sort of alternate route to enlightenment. Not so. I am studying it – and suggest people involved with Scientology get some familiarity with it – so that they can fully appreciate and enhance what they attained or learned from Scientology.

First, if you've been involved with Scientology, and know much about it, you know through most of his presentation of it that L. Ron Hubbard claimed it was a scientifically precise route to spiritual freedom. He claimed to have married Western scientific rigor with Eastern wisdom. In the light of that, it would seem that a person calling himself a 'Scientologist' ought to have at least a little curiosity about science, particularly since it has surged forward in quantum leaps since Hubbard lived and wrote.

Second, Scientology has become so laden with doctrine, dogma, values, morality, morality disguised as ethics, opinion, politics, and prejudices, that as many fanatics and close-minded religionists seem to emerge from it as do enlightened beings. Learning a bit about what Scientology says and does that aligns with what can be demonstrated can help to cut through that fog.