Blog: Wise Getting In On The Boogie Man Pitch - 2015-11-14

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F376.png Wise Getting In On The Boogie Man Pitch November 14, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

It is a time honored tradition that creating enemies and instilling fear is an effective method of fundraising.

It's much easier to get money by preaching hellfire and brimstone than to appeal to people's benevolence to support the good works you do. It's the difference between the TV evangelist and the Salvation Army. Per capita the TV evangelist extracts orders of magnitude more from their marks.

Scientology has refined this technique and employs it from someone's first contact to their last dollar. Imagine if you had no "Ruin" and were not convinced you had a reactive mind ravaging you, or body thetans making you insane. It would be very difficult to extract hard earned dollars with the promise they would be vanquished.