Blog: Words of Wisdom: Don't Think - 2018-12-02

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F376.png Words of Wisdom: Don't Think December 2, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Scientologists believe that anything written or spoken by L. Ron Hubbard is absolute truth. It requires no further inspection than the source of the words. This alone guarantees truth and accuracy. They also believe that repeating them will cause everyone who reads it to be inspired by the genius of the man and hand over money to gain access to more of his amazing truths. Or better yet, experience his promised states of spiritual godliness. Or even better, enable others to experience it by donating to an ideal org or the IAS.

Without a second thought (??) scientologists spew "LRH quotes" as if they are pixie dust.

The great thing about this quote is what it reveals about how Hubbard wanted his believers to act. Thinking in scientology is frowned upon. Literally. Do not ponder what this statement means or if it makes sense. Just observe and accept it. And if by chance you do think for a second "this does not make sense" then "find your misunderstood word." This IS scientology.