Blog: Work in Progress: What are the Big Questions? - 2013-11-08

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F379.png Work in Progress: What are the Big Questions? November 8, 2013, John P. Capitalist, Reasoned.Life


"Work in Progress" notes are ones where I'm reaching out to the community (that means you ) for perspective, research and thoughts that will become part of the "official" published work. In other words, this is your chance to get caught up in the adventure of predicting the future of Scientology, and figuring out how we can help bring that about.

This note introduces the list of "big questions," the issues that have the most bearing in understanding where the cult is headed, how fast it will get there, and how we can help it along. The questions here are the topics for the major research projects that we will set ourselves over the next few months. The answers to these questions will probably change over time, so we'll need to revisit each of them periodically and re-examine our conclusions in the light of new information. But the first step on the intellectual adventure is to identify the most important questions.