Blog: Yvonne and Ken Schick - Give me a T for Texas! - 2011-01-05

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F0.png Yvonne and Ken Schick - Give me a T for Texas! January 5, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

A couple years back some Texas big wigs rammed through a deal with a Spanish construction company to build and operate toll roads (with millions in kickbacks,and free interstate travel forever lost) across this great state. In response, more than ten thousand ranchers, farmers and common folk marched on Austin. Didn't take long for the deal to get canceled. A seventy-something year-old sod buster was interviewed at the time. He said words to this effect: people think Texas is run by the New World Order; I got news, when the beginning of the end the New World Order happens, it'll start right here in the heart of Texas.

I'm not sure what that all has to do with this, but it was the first thing that came to my mind when I received the following announcement from a couple of major league O.T.s from Austin.

Yvonne (OT VIII) and Ken (OT VII) Schick are free and clear and independent. Ken was head of the Austin OT Committee and Yvonne was its Exec Sec. The Schicks are IAS Patrons with Honors, Ideal Org Humanitarians, SuperPower Key Contributors and have donated out the wazoo to library campaigns, planetary dissemination, you name it. Most would consider them among the leading OL's in the area.