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F0.png scientology April 23, 2014, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Scientology is a religion. I have seen ample evidence both from within its organizations and from without them that scientology is workable to the degree one believes in it. It works when one believes that it will. It does not work when one does not believe that it will. It is just like any other religion in that regard.

I have previously discussed the cognitive dissonance set in place by scientology's insistence upon being considered religion and science at once; a feature that results in scientologists' apparent inability to differentiate belief from demonstrable certainty. Beyond that particular feature scientology ought not be that difficult to get over.

I no longer wish to debate with religionists over their firmly held beliefs. The majority of them find some level of comfort and security in keeping their beliefs undisturbed. The better part of the rest seem to only get from such discussions some argumentation with which to triumphantly declare, 'aha, it is a fraud!'; further motivation for continuing to beset themselves with it.