Blog: the sociopath next door - 2011-10-08

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F0.png the sociopath next door October 8, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Over the past three decades David Miscavige has done his best to reverse the practice of Scientology. That is, the further one moves up the Bridge in the church of Scientology the more zealous, tractable, solid, narrow-minded, and in most cases miserable one becomes. That is not to say that people cannot attain higher Grades and Levels of spiritual state and understanding. It means that those gains are manipulated by deceit and conditioning and stress toward molding a person into a conscienceless, deployable agent for an ill-intentioned cult leader. Being the consummate covertly hostile suppressive person, Miscavige has managed to do so while stage managing a false identity to his public that he is L Ron Hubbard's guy.

Miscavige is very well described in the Science of Survival and in PTS/SP technical bulletins, policy letters and lectures. In fact, the reason why Miscavige could manage his complete reversal of the subject of Scientology with the willing help of thousands of staff members and thousands of once-well-heeled public Scientologists is all explained rather neatly in these Hubbard materials.

Becoming disaffected with the "church" and Miscavige, leaving one's life works in the "church" behind, some people have tended to leave behind some of what they learned too. Most commonly, first and foremost they leave behind PTS/SP technology. It makes sense. After all, it is the technology that protects good people against people who intend harm to others. And so many good people's experience within the church proved to them that PTS/SP technology is faulty, does not work, or in many cases is the cause of their own travails.