Boarding Mixup Grounds Medical Mission To Haiti - 2010-01-24

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F0.png Boarding Mixup Grounds Medical Mission To Haiti January 24, 2010, Natasha Ghoneim, News NY1

Doctors and nurses from as far away as Brazil arrived at JFK Saturday morning with thousands of dollars worth of medicine and medical equipment. They say they were confirmed on the Church of Scientology flight, but during the boarding process they say the passenger manifest was misplaced.

A total of 119 people boarded then the doors of the plane closed, leaving about 70 people behind. The church was worried the plane would miss its landing slot in Haiti, but the volunteers complained the plane sat at the gate for at least another hour.

"We had people coming late. We had people whose names weren't on the manifest. Maybe the administration was not exactly correct. Maybe we should focus on the 119 people who were on that plane and did get down to Haiti," said John Carmichael of the Church of Scientology.

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