Bullied by religion of esoteric healers - 2015-03-15

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F0.png Bullied by religion of esoteric healers March 15, 2015, Jane Hansen, Daily Telegraph

It might seem like just another spiritual movement preaching 'natural' remedies, but Universal Medicine is different. It has the endorsement of one of Sydney's leading paediatricians, Howard Chilton, and promotes itself as a complementary health provider presenting wellness workshops, presentations and one-on-one sessions.

Universal Medicine states it offers services it describes as beneficial to some people, including those with autism and cancer.

The group, based in the northern NSW town of Goonellabah, closely guards its reputation, employing an internet reputation manager to have some critical blogs and media stories wiped from the internet and mount personal attacks on others who report on or complain about the group.

In the beginning, Serge Benhayon was a tennis coach, and a bankrupt, when he had what he calls 'an energetic impress' while sitting on the toilet in 1999.

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