Calls for More Purges Rest on Shaky Data - 2018-10-19

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F0.png Calls for More Purges Rest on Shaky Data October 19, 2018, Jonathan Brater, Brennan Center for Justice

In July, a Brennan Center report revealed that voter purges are on the rise nationwide, raising the threat that significant numbers of eligible voters could be disenfranchised. The report also found that the rise in purges has coincided with several activist groups leading campaigns to pressure election officials to purge more people from the voter rolls. This push has included, at times, lawsuits seeking the implementation of aggressive purge practices.

Now, the Brennan Center has looked more closely at the activities of the four organizations leading the charge for more purges — Judicial Watch, the American Civil Rights Union (ACRU), True the Vote, and Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF). These four groups have collectively sent letters to more than 450 jurisdictions since 2012, claiming that they're violating federal voting law by not purging aggressively enough.

We found:

These groups base their calls for more purges on claims that registration rates are inflated by ineligible voters. But when looking at some of the recent assertions by PILF in particular, the data suggests that some of the claims are exaggerated and even flatly contradicted by the same sources of evidence on which they are based.

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