Campaign to clear cult leader - 2007-08-11

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F73.png Campaign to clear cult leader August 11, 2007, Alex Tibbitts, Sydney Morning Herald

Two weeks ago Kenja placed an advertisement in Sydney papers, including the Herald, proclaiming Dyers' innocence. The campaign has angered at least one of the parents of the alleged victims.

"They are saying my daughter is a liar outside of the court system," he said. "They are saying that the other girls are liars. They've tried to do that through the press and now they're trying to build up a campaign." The lecture is part of Kenja's "Act for Change" campaign, which seems to be trying to make Dyers a martyr to civil liberties. Its website states: "The tragic death of Ken Dyers is an example of what can happen when a person is consistently denied justice."

But by taking his own life, Dyers denied his alleged victims their day in court and any opportunity for justice. The ad for the lecture that ran in the Herald this week was headed "In Australia we are guilty till proven innocent", but Ms Hamilton said it was not an attack on the legal system, it was just about the perceived presumption of guilt in the media.

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