Canada's political compass is veering far right - 2019-04-22

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F0.png Canada's political compass is veering far right April 22, 2019, Andrew Mitrovica, Al Jazeera

This fact may come as unsettling news to scores of progressives at home and abroad who remain wedded to the fantasy that Canada is an ideological, as well as geographical, antidote to the metastasising plague of Donald Trump.

This foolish myth - promoted by centrist US writers who have thanked God for Canada's "moral" leadership and are blinded to the truth by the florid rhetoric of a telegenic prime minister - was recently laid bare.

Only days ago, the United Conservative Party (UCP) won a majority government in Alberta's provincial election. The party's leader, Jason Kenney - a steadfast disciple of ex-Tory Prime Minister Stephen Harper - told his giddy supporters that the oil-rich western province was "open for business". Not done recycling that pitiable trope, Kenney added another: "Friends, tonight the silent majority has spoken."

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