Canada Denounces Republican Support for COVID Protests - 2022-02-08

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F0.png Canada Denounces Republican Support for COVID Protests February 8, 2022, Rob Gillies, Time magazine

OTTAWA, OntarioCanada's public safety minister said Monday that U.S. officials should stay out of his country's domestic affairs, joining other Canadian leaders in pushing back against prominent Republicans who offered support for the protests of COVID-19 restrictions that have besieged downtown Ottawa for more than a week.

A day after the city declared a state of emergency, the mayor pleaded for almost 2,000 extra police officers to help quell the raucous nightly demonstrations staged by the so-called Freedom Truck Convoy, which has used hundreds of parked trucks to paralyze the Canadian capital's business district. The protests have also infuriated people who live around downtown, including neighborhoods near Parliament Hill, the seat of the federal government.

"Individuals are trying to blockade our economy, our democracy, and our fellow citizens' daily lives," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in an emergency debate in Parliament, while the protest continued outside. "It has to stop."

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