Canada Election 2019: Who is Andrew Scheer? - 2019-09-11

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F0.png Canada Election 2019: Who is Andrew Scheer? September 11, 2019, Enzo DiMatteo, Now Magazine

The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada has spent most of his adult life in politics, part of that serving as the youngest-ever Speaker of the House. He's just turned 40 and come election day October 21, he may also become the youngest prime minister in Canadian history.

Most Canadians know very little about Scheer, except how he's portrayed in mainstream media, which is to say that he's a little socially awkward and vanilla but certainly not dangerous. Scheer has built a political career on being innocuous. Unless, that is, you happen to be gay or pro-choice. Scheer wears his religion on his sleeve. More recently, the Con leader's views on same-sex marriage and abortion have come under greater scrutiny. Canadians have begun to pay attention to what may be the most consequential election since, well, the last one, which was uglier than most.

The country thought it had rid itself of Stephen Harper back in 2015. Don't look now but here he comes again, only this time a more half-baked version with choir-boy looks. Not quite "the killer" Harper was and – some people in his party say – not quite ready to be Prime Minister.

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