Canadian Senators Group adds two new members - 2019-11-18

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F0.png Canadian Senators Group adds two new members November 18, 2019, Marco Vigliotti, iPolitics

The Canadian Senators Group has added two members to its ranks, one from the Conservatives and another from the now dissolved Liberal Senate caucus.

In a brief statement released Monday, the new Senate group announced that Quebec Senator Jean-Guy Dagenais has left the Conservatives to join the CSG and P.E.I. Senator Percy Downe, who was appointed to the Upper Chamber by Liberal prime minister Jean Chrétien in 2003, had also joined their ranks.

The new group, formed earlier this month, say they will represent regional interests in the Senate, though won't vote as a bloc, and instead will vote on legislation "independently of personal political affiliations and each other," according to its founding announcement.

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