Carbon-tax court challenge backfires before election - 2019-06-28

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F132.png Carbon-tax court challenge backfires before election June 28, 2019, Campbell Clark, Globe and Mail

Just look at what Ontario's Court of Appeal said on Friday, in crisp legal prose, and in black and white. First, the federal government's carbon-levy "backstop" is perfectly within Ottawa's jurisdiction. And second, it's not a tax – it is a regulatory charge tied to the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG.)

The Ontario court didn't just smack back the challenge presented by Premier Doug Ford's government, it wrote its opinion in paragraphs that could be lifted and inserted into the federal Liberals' social-media ads. And probably will be.

The Ontario finding came on top of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal's knockdown of that province's challenge in May. That's not the final word – Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has already appealed to the Supreme Court, and Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is taking it to court, too.

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