Carol Nyburg is back, and she has a Scientology story that will rough you up - 2017-08-02

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F347.png Carol Nyburg is back, and she has a Scientology story that will rough you up August 2, 2017, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

In 2013 we wrote about Carol Nyburg, a familiar face for many former Church of Scientology members who recall seeing her at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida. Wealthy Scientologists from around the world spend vast amounts of money to visit Flag, Scientology's "spiritual" headquarters, and Carol was the person who helped you set up your accommodations and welcomed you when you arrived.

But after 26 years in the Sea Org, Carol decided that she'd had enough with the harsh SO life under church leader David Miscavige, and made her exit. She wrote up her experiences for Steve Hall's website, and we were particularly struck by one passage…

Another really scary thing happened during this time, it was called "Boot Camp." This was some kind of nutty ethics program that didn't start till after you had worked all day. So at 11 pm a group of us, all registrars like myself from all over the base, not just accommodations counselors but IAS, Freewinds, Planetary Dissemination registrars, too. There were about 15 to 20 of us. First we would do exercises. I was just turning 60 at this time. This was not an easy ordeal for me. Then we would do close order drilling. If you goofed up, you had to drop and do pushups or some such thing. Then we were taken to a renovation project that was going on at the Base somewhere and made to do some horrible job till about 2 am. We were then taken to our berthings to sleep and we had to be back in at 8:30 am for more ethics handlings and special reading assignments, then on to post, then boot camp again at 11 pm. This was my most fearful time in my entire career. The reason was because it did not follow anything I had ever read about Scientology ethics and I had no idea how it would end or what to do to ensure it would end. It finally did end. At the end I had to write up how "beneficial" it was for me and how much "better" I was doing then. Of course I just did it because I would have done anything to make sure this abuse stopped.

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