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CESNUR (Centro Studi sulle Nuove Religioni)
Founded 1988
Type public non-profit
Purpose "Promote scholarly research in the field of new religious consciousness, and are dedicated to exposing the problems associated with some movements, while defending the principles of religious liberty"
Headquarters Turin, Italy
Services Research,
private persons
Massimo Introvigne
Key people
Luigi Berzano, J. Gordon Melton, Eileen Barker, Massimo Introvigne, Michael Homer, Reender Kranenborg, Gianni Ambrosio

CESNUR (English: Center for Studies on New Religions, Italian: Centro Studi sulle Nuove Religioni), is an organization based in Turin, Italy.[1] It was established in 1988 by Italian attorney Massimo Introvigne. It has been described as "the highest profile lobbying and information group for controversial religions".[2]

CESNUR has defended such diverse groups as Aum Shinrikyo (responsible for the Tokyo sarin gas attack), Order of the Solar Temple (responsible for 74 deaths in mass murder-suicide),[3] the Church of Scientology, purported-Neo-Nazi sect New Acropolis,[4] and the Unification Church ("Moonies").[5][6]

CESNUR describes itself as an independent scholarly organization, but the organization has met with criticism for personal and financial ties to the groups it studies, leading one critic to question whether CESNUR is "too friendly and does not make enough critical comments about new religious movements and sects". [7]

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