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A credit rating agency (CRA, also called a ratings service) is a company that assigns credit ratings, which rate a debtor's ability to pay back debt by making timely interest payments and the likelihood of default. These agencies have access to confidential information from institutions like banks, via user agreements with the bank.

A potential creditor may request a credit report, with the debtor's permission, outlining credit history, aggregate bank account information including balances, loan information, and other debts/assets. In many jurisdiction it is a felony offense to misuse this information or obtain it by fraudulent means.

Credit rating agencies are required by law to keep a log of requests for credit information, which can be reviewed by an individual requesting their own credit report.

Use in Scientology

From many accounts[dox], Scientology makes heavy use of credit information in its operations. Registrars have access to current credit information and bank balances, know when someone has recently received a sum of money, and can suggest ways of obtaining more credit, including coaching members on what to say to banks and credit card companies.[dox]

It is not possible that Scientology goes through legal channels for this information because their heavy use would flood the logs of credit information access, ruining the person's credit rating in the process.

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