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Proposed Rule. Posted: 12/29/2015. Docket ID: FDA-2014-N-1210-0001. Public Comment Period closed on Mar 28, 2016 with 3,408 comments received. Docket Status: OPEN as of Aug 2016.

Scientology-related opposition

  • CCHR lobbyist disclosed he was targeting this regulation change in Congress on behalf of his client during first two quarters of 2016.
  • In response to the APA issuing a new alert calling for comments from psychiatrists in favor of ECT re-classification, an Action Alert Email from CCHR-Texas was sent out one week prior to the Public Comment Period closing, which encouraged scientologists to submit public comments referencing three press releases published on by J. D. Heyes.
  • 25 comments referencing CCHR, the press releases or other known Scientology agents were formally submitted to the FDA for this regulation change as of Aug 2016, but only 13 were received and officially recorded to the docket prior to the Public Comment Period closing.
  • Following a recent article in the Washington Post that preceded Moxon's comment by one day, Kelly Patricia O’Meara from CCHR Int published a press release on July 22, 2016 calling for Congress to investigate serious conflicts of interest driving the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) decision to allow the wider use electroshock treatment (ECT).

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