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Money, Power, Servitude: Adventures in the Wonderland of Scientology
Author(s) Peter Bonyai
Language English
Genre(s) non-fiction
Publisher Amazon Digital Services LLC
Published in English August 13, 2014 (2014-08-13)
Media type Kindle, paperback
Pages 214
ISBN 978-1505235166

Peter Bonyai was a senior official in the Church of Scientology. He shares his unique insider information and insights into what really goes on in Scientology. He describes his 8 year journey from walking in off the street as a naive 17 year old to rising through the ranks as the second-in-command of the Central European branch of the Church — and what ultimately broke the spell and allowed him to walk out the door and back into the real world. He tells his story with humor, which makes this sometimes shocking account of life inside a cult easier to digest. This is a book the Church of Scientology does not want you to read.[1]