Christians unfazed by Scientology threats - 2010-01-14

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F190.png Christians unfazed by Scientology threats January 14, 2010, CNA, Spero News

In Italy, the pre-Christmas release of the book "The Courage to Speak Out - Stories of ex-Scientologists" was met with a promise from the National Church of Scientology of Italy to bring legal action against the author and "whomever has assisted her." A spokeswoman for the book's publisher told CNA that, as of yet, no such action has been taken against them.

"The Courage to Speak Out" includes stories from 14 ex-members of the Church of Scientology. It is the second volume from Maria Pia Gardini that relates first-hand perspectives from inside this church. The first edition, titled "My Years in Scientology," was based on her own time as a member.

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