Church's complaints take buses off road - 1998-12-09

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F15.png Church's complaints take buses off road December 9, 1998, Thomas C. Tobin, St. Petersburg Times

The ads were purchased by church critics and were to be on buses Saturday through Monday as part of a weekend-long protest against Scientology.

Each of the 11 ads carried a different message. Among them: "Think for Yourself. Quit Scientology," "Find out why so many people oppose Dianetics and Scientology" and "Why does Scientology lie to its members?"

Scientology representatives began phoning the homes of transit and Clearwater city officials after the buses began rolling Saturday morning. The church argued that the ads violated a state law regarding published material that "tends to expose any individual or any religious group to hatred, contempt, ridicule or (abusive language)."

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