Church of Scientology's Miscavige fear of Oral deposition - 2015-01-12

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F355.png Church of Scientology's Miscavige fear of Oral deposition January 12, 2015, SurvivingScientology, YouTube

In this satirical video Scientology attorney E. Stuart Mills meets with a senior Church of Scientology official to discuss a very expensive problem. Scientology Dictator David Miscavige, it seems, is caught in a hellish dilemma.

David Miscavige absolutely wants to be in charge the entire Church of Scientology and its vast piles of money, lawyers, PI's building, and everything else.

Any yet, Miscavige told the IRS he is only in charge of the Religious Technology Center (RTC). Now that he is being named in lawsuits, Miscavige has to stick with the script he gave to the IRS. If it is proved that Miscavige runs the entire Church of Scientology then several corporate veils are pierced. This could cause big trouble. Therefore, Miscavige has to spend a fortune lawyers to keep all of his lies in place:

  • Captain Misavige's rank means nothing -- and don't you dare call him "Captain" or else!
  • Captain Miscavige does not have a phone. But maybe he does.

As OTVIIIisGrrr8! wrote on December 10, 2014 on the Underground Bunker: We in RTC feel the need to point out the obvious to the Chattering Wog Classes who understand neither the subtleties nor the niceties of the Scientology religion.

1. Mr. Miscavige has no connections to Oklahoma, Texas, or anywhere else in the physical universe.

2. As a Sea Org member, Mr. Miscavige is simply a part of an unincorporated membership association that has no address, no bank account, no stationery, and does not exist.

3. Above all, as a thetan, Mr. Miscavige is a static. What is a static? As defined by Axiom 34, the ultimate truth is a static:

"Axiom 35: The ultimate truth is a static. A static has no mass, meaning, mobility, no wavelength, no time no location in space, no space. This has the technical name of 'basic truth.'"

Essentially, then, Mr. Miscavige simultaneously does not exist, and, Mr. Miscavige is the ultimate truth. This explains why the mere mention of his name as-ises lawsuits and they vanish.

All lawsuits against Mr. Miscavige contain lies that cannot persist in the presence of ultimate truth.

Therefore, any attempt by wogs to sue the ultimate truth who is being the nonexistent Mr. Miscavige only as an administrative convenience to facilitate the straight up and vertical expansion of Scientology organizations is doomed to failure. The ultimate truth cannot be sued anymore than any other nonexistent entity can be sued. Sue David Miscavige? One might as well sue Mickey Mouse for all the good it does.

It is futility itself to sue a static who does not actually exist in time and space. Mr. Miscavige's supernal physical body is actually a manifestation, or incarnation, of ultimate truth. The only thing that can be said about this supernal manifestation is that it likes to drink fine scotch and will never make itself available for either the service of summons or for deposition; this is the Tao of David Miscavige you see.

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