City Dentist Gets Fine, Probation - 2007-09-12

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F235.png City Dentist Gets Fine, Probation September 12, 2007, David Reynolds, Daily News Record

When asked about their training, McClung and Matthews said most seminars they went to while working for Biery related to Scientology. McClung said she went to one training seminar in anesthesia.

Jeff Swingholm, 54, a registered nurse anesthetist who has worked with anesthesia for 30 years, said that during his employment in 2002 and 2003, he told assistants they weren't qualified to give medicines.

"I was very concerned," he said. "They didn't even know they should be concerned."

Swingholm also described morning "huddles" where employees discussed financial goals like earning $20,000 for the day or signing up 100 new patients. Employees who met the goals would be rewarded with movie tickets or massages, he testified. Swingholm said he didn't participate in the huddles but overheard the discussions.

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