Concern at Scientology drugs packs for schools - 2018-02-11

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F356.png Concern at Scientology drugs packs for schools February 11, 2018, Maeve Sheehan, Irish Independent

Health officials raised concerns about a Church of Scientology-sponsored group that circulated glossy anti-drugs brochures to primary schools in Dublin's north inner city, records reveal.

Internal emails disclose unease across the Department of Health and the Health Service Executive (HSE) about approaches made to schools and local drugs tasks forces by Foundation for a Drug Free World and Truth about Drugs, both of which are sponsored by Scientology. However, their links to the controversial "religion" were not disclosed in educational packs that were sent to schools.

In an email last February, the co-ordinator of a drugs task force in Dublin wrote: "I have just received some very glossy looking training and workshop materials from the 'Church of Scientology' who apparently are conducting drug talks in schools in the north inner city of Dublin and are interested in spreading the word this direction. I am concerned about this."

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