Conservative climate claims are a cover for LNG exports - 2019-11-26

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F99.png Conservative climate claims are a cover for LNG exports November 26, 2019, Chris Turner, National Observer

In a recent speech at an oil industry conference, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney trafficked, as he often does, in climate inaccuracy. In itself, that's not remarkable. The sun also rose and set that day.

What's worth digging into is how Kenney revealed — perhaps accidentally — the real intent driving conservative thinking on climate policy in Canada right now. That intent is not to reduce greenhouse gases (except as a byproduct), but rather to preserve as much of the conventional energy industry's status quo as possible for as long ago as possible. The language, policies and targets shift around; this baseline goal never does.

Let's begin with the inaccurate statement itself. Kenney was singing the praises of new liquified natural gas (LNG) development as a climate-change-fighting tool, calling it "the single biggest thing that we could do to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions." He repeated the line a few days later on Twitter: "The single biggest action Canada can take to reduce global emissions is to expand and ship Canadian Liquefied Natural Gas to the world, especially in Asia to replace higher-emitting coal-fired power."

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