Conservatives play it safe with Scheer - 2017-05-27

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F0.png Conservatives play it safe with Scheer May 27, 2017, Stephen Maher, iPolitics

On Monday morning, when Andrew Scheer addresses the 98 other Conservative MPs on Parliament Hill, he will be looking at a lot of relieved Tories.

Scheer, the boyish former speaker, is a lot more to their liking than the radical libertarian Maxime Bernier would have been, which means that the caucus will unify behind him more easily.

Scheer is like Stephen Harper, only nice, with a fairly middle-of-road policy platform. He has not advocated for an end to supply management — which would have guaranteed a long, bitter fight with farmers — or ending the federal government's role as guarantor of the public health-care system — which would have given the Liberals a big club.

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