Controversial Pro-Business Group Targets Dems - 2008-09-15

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F97.png Controversial Pro-Business Group Targets Dems September 15, 2008, Will Evans, National Public Radio

Americans for Job Security — a pro-business advocacy organization with a long record of running election-season ads without disclosing donors — is targeting Democratic Senate candidates in three key races with negative radio messages.

One ad blames Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) for rampant "pork-barrel spending," and accuses her of trading an earmark for campaign contributions. Another says that Minnesota Senate candidate Al Franken's economic plan "reads like a bad joke." Yet another warns that New Hampshire Senate candidate Jeanne Shaheen is all about taxes, taxes, taxes.

The ads cost nearly $300,000 in all, according to recent filings. Listen to them here.

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