Coronavirus: The education of Doug Ford - 2020-04-13

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F0.png Coronavirus: The education of Doug Ford April 13, 2020, Enzo DiMatteo, Now Magazine

The premier has recently become a star in his own right in the eyes of many commentators for his handling of the coronavirus crisis. Ford has maintained his composure throughout, causing many (including his critics) to comment on his remarkable metamorphosis.

Ford has kept to the script, delivering daily messages from a teleprompter at press briefings. With one camera to speak to and no feeding frenzy of reporters to contend with (they must now call in to ask their questions) – not to mention, no opposition MPPs to answer to in the Legislature – it's been a situation tailor-made for Ford to excel. That's thanks also to the fact that NDP leader Andrea Horwath has been MIA.

But there has been something else of late. It's been a more emotional Ford. The premier for the people (remember that?) feels our pain. And if he's said it once, he's said it a million times: he has our backs.

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