Coronavirus pandemic is not 'effectively over' as op-ed claims - 2020-11-30

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F372.png Coronavirus pandemic is not 'effectively over' as op-ed claims November 30, 2020, Ali Swenson, Associated Press

CLAIM: The COVID-19 pandemic is "effectively over" and there's no need for vaccines.

AP'S ASSESSMENT: False. The claim, made in an article by a former employee at the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, ignores that large numbers of people continue to fall ill and die from the coronavirus in many parts of the world. The United Kingdom, which is the subject of the article, saw a surge in coronavirus cases this fall and exceeded 50,000 coronavirus-related deaths earlier this month. Experts say coronavirus vaccines will be powerful tools to help prevent millions of people from contracting the virus.

THE FACTS: A former Pfizer employee's inflammatory claims denying global data are gaining traction on social media this week as the pharmaceutical company seeks FDA authorization to distribute its coronavirus vaccine.

It started when Michael Yeadon, a retired British doctor, wrote an op-ed in October on a U.K.-based blog opposing government restrictions for the coronavirus.

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