County ordinance raises questions about Scientology - 2009-01-06

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F0.png County ordinance raises questions about Scientology January 6, 2009, Julia Glick, Press-Enterprise

Riverside County supervisors Tuesday fast-tracked and unanimously approved an ordinance that restricts picketing outside homes and a Church of Scientology base near Hemet.

Supervisors deemed the restrictions urgent and voted to forgo regular statutory proceedings, which include a second hearing. The ordinance went into effect after its introduction Tuesday despite unresolved questions about exactly how rules will apply to the Scientology base.

The new ordinance, backed by the church and Supervisor Jeff Stone, stipulates that pickets must remain at least 50 feet from the property line of any residence they are targeting in unincorporated Riverside County. The ordinance makes an exception to permit protesters on a sidewalk across the street from the property.

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