Court plans to concider Scientology shootings - 1998-03-20

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F0.png Court plans to concider Scientology shootings March 20, 1998, David R. Anderson, The Oregonian

Psychologists chosen by the state and Godeka's defense agreed that Godeka suffers from schizophrenia, Chipman said. For about the past 15 years, Godeka has heard voices and thought he is controlled by other people and that ideas are being planted in his mind.

That was the case on Sept. 25, 1996, when Godeka walked into the Scientology center at 709 S.W. Salmon St. Police said he went into the center's reception area with a red can of gasoline and shot a woman at the lobby desk. The gunshot paralyzed her from the waist down. Godeka also is accused of shooting two men who went to the woman's aid in the center. A third man discovered he had been wounded about an hour after the incident. All four survived the shooting. Godeka held a fifth person hostage before police talked him into surrendering.

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