Cover Story: Are You Human or Humanoid? - 2012-11-07

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F0.png Cover Story: Are You Human or Humanoid? November 7, 2012, Craig Malisow, Houston Press

You may not know this, but nearly half the world's population isn't human: they may look human, but they're another species called "humanoid." Humanoids don't have DNA like the rest of us; they have a Mobius strip that can create DNA. At least that's what a self-help organization called Access Consciousness tells us in this week's cover story. For a fee, you can wade into the Access pool of knowledge and find out which camp you fall into. If none of this made any sense to you, it's not because it's patently insane, it's because you're a stupid human, and you just won't understand.

You also wouldn't understand Access's statements about how "young children are incredibly sexy," or how your family is only any good to you if they have money. Humanoids can understand stuff like that, because they have achieved total awareness. And now Access's founder is trying to spread the humanoid message to kids.

It was difficult for the Houston Press to get humanoids on the horn, because they apparently don't like answering tough questions.

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