Cruise, Travolta: Rolling Stone Gathers Moss - 2006-03-02

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F70.png Cruise, Travolta: Rolling Stone Gathers Moss March 2, 2006, Roger Friedman, Celebrity Gossip, Fox News

The new issue of Rolling Stone should drive a permanent wedge between Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner.

Writer Janet Reitman spent nine months reporting and writing a 13,000 word piece on Scientology, the mysterious religion with which both movie stars are famously associated.

Reitman peels back Scientology layer by layer, meticulously interviewing everyone and anyone, and draws unsurprising conclusions: that to believe in this religion means also subscribing to a belief in aliens, for one thing. And by aliens I mean creatures from other planets and galaxies.

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