Cruise & Scientology - 2007-07-19

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F240.png Cruise & Scientology July 19, 2007, Anderson Cooper, Anderson Cooper 360°, CNN

Cruise was planning to shoot scenes at the site, until the German government decided it would be inappropriate to film at what is now a memorial and sacred ground to many.

But the decision had more to do with Scientology than anything sacred. Cruise is a member of the church of Scientology. And having him play Stauffenberg didn't fly in Germany.

One official put it this way. "It would not be a good signal if an ambassador of this psycho sect that has extremist character and no concern for basic human rights, shoots a movie in a place like that."

It's not against the law to practice Scientology in Germany. Still, the government won't call it a religion. Germany views Scientology as a sect, whose chief purpose is to make money off people.

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