Dan Bongino leads the MAGA field in stolen-election messaging - 2020-11-18

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F0.png Dan Bongino leads the MAGA field in stolen-election messaging November 18, 2020, Maggie Severns, Politico

Bongino — a former police officer and Secret Service agent who was a latecomer to the talk-show world — is the surprise leader in the far-right media sweepstakes set off by Trump's refusal to concede the election. While the president's chances of clinging to power remain wafer-thin, the prospect of a new conspiracy theory that could dominate right-wing discourse for four years is not being ignored by the pundits, podcasters and mini-moguls who populate MAGA-world.

Even as he fights a public battle with Hodgkin's Disease — a treatable cancer of the lymphatic system — Bongino is pushing himself to a career high: In the days following the election, he had the number-one podcast on iTunes, besting The Joe Rogan Experience and The New York Times' The Daily. His Facebook posts were among the most-shared posts in the United States almost every day, putting Bongino on par with all of Fox News.

And an app that Bongino partly owns and unfailingly promotes, Parler, saw an explosion of post-election interest from Republicans furious at Twitter for placing warning labels on the president's tweets. Soon, Parler became the number-one app on iTunes for five days in a row and was similarly popular on Android, where it remains in the top slot.

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