David Mayo talking about Hubbard's final research. - 2011-04-24

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F355.png David Mayo talking about Hubbard's final research. April 24, 2011, Chuck Beatty, YouTube

David Mayo was the senior spiritual technical person who L. Ron Hubbard initially entrusted to oversee the whole Scientology spiritual practice legacy in 1982, when the aging Hubbard realized he didn't have many years left. Mayo's title was the Senior Case Supervisor International. Mayo fell from grace just months after the April 1982 20 page despatch from Hubbard where Hubbard detailed to Mayo what Hubbard wanted. This talk discusses that 20 page despatch and other relavant events. This talk is one of several dozen talks recorded of David Mayo speaking in 1983 or 1984 at the center in Santa Barbara where David's group of ex official Scientologists were based. Mayo's Scientology splinter group probably formed the largest and most skilled schism group of ex official Scientologists in the history of the Scientology movement, and from these tapes of Mayo's group's informal weekly graduation ceremonies, it can be heard that his schism group's offered services were almost the same services official Scientology delivers, with just different names. Mayo's group operated within a milder atmosphere, minus the harsher atmosphere of official Scientology. Mayo's Santa Barbara group was hit with suits and infiltration by official Scientologists and the Mayo group fell apart within a few years. But while it was operating, Mayo's group constituded the largest schism group in the Scientology movement's 60 or so years of history so far.

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