Dealer's time too short for crime - 2008-01-11

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F0.png Dealer's time too short for crime January 11, 2008, Mike Tischio, Standard-Journal

It was this past August when we received an almost sugar-coated story about the efforts of a Mid-western rehab facility. The brief from the Narconon Arrowhead treatment center extolled the virtues and talents of one Michael J. Ginsburg, who had once again taken up performing and teaching violin in and around Canadian, Okla.

When I called to speak to someone at Narconon, they were immediately suspicious as to my intentions. Well, I guess I would be too, since it was hard to keep the disgust out of my voice when I asked if the publicist who wrote the brief had any idea of what Ginsburg had done. There wasn't too much they would tell me, other than what their brief said about the success of Ginsburg's rehab. Although I asked to speak to him and left my phone number, I never received a return call from Ginsburg.

Back to the sentencing, I was very glad to hear that Judge Woelfel didn't buy the load of fertilizer that either Ginsburg's family or the wonderful folks at Narconon were selling. Woelfel said that Ginsburg's efforts at rehab were commendable, but he would not let that dissuade him from meting out the required punishment. You go Woelfel! Too bad the law isn't always just, or Ginsburg might have had more than enough time in prison to write an entire opera.

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