Deconstructing CAPP's energy platform - 2019-10-13

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F0.png Deconstructing CAPP's energy platform October 13, 2019, Linda Leon,

Of all of the political parties running in this election, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) was the first to release its election platform. It wants your vote.

"But CAPP is not a political party," you might say. Successful governments in Alberta have been owned by CAPP for roughly 50 years. That is why the Alberta environmental agency is called the Alberta Energy Regulator. With the increase in fracking in B.C., Saskatchewan and Manitoba, CAPP has reason to believe they could and should own the federal government as well.

In a recent report titled Putting Canada on the World Stage: An Energy Platform for Canada, CAPP lays out a "National Vision for Oil and Natural Gas," where they deliver instructions to the next federal government on energy policy. CAPP believes that, in spite of evidence to the contrary, they are socially and environmentally responsible, can play their part in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and do so with the full endorsement of First Nations.

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