Deconstructing Mayor Rob Ford's fiscal record - 2013-11-08

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F94.png Deconstructing Mayor Rob Ford's fiscal record November 8, 2013, Daniel Dale, Toronto Star

Below, we deconstruct the claims behind the "$1 billion" plus some of Ford's other boasts related to the budget and the economy.

The "$1 billion" claim is based on: $24 million in "savings" from a user fee increase, $200 million from the abolition of the car tax, $78 million from garbage outsourcing, $6.4 million from cuts to office budgets, $89 million from a new contract his administration negotiated with union employees and $606 million from various "efficiencies."

In truth, the mayor's fiscal claims are exaggerated. He has repeatedly claimed to have saved taxpayers $1 billion — a figure endorsed by the city's senior bureaucrats but one that relies on creative definitions of "savings" and "taxpayers," exaggerations and omissions. Many of his other fiscal claims are also suspect.

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