Deconstructing the Conservative Party's climate plan - 2019-07-03

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F0.png Deconstructing the Conservative Party's climate plan July 3, 2019, Linda Leon, blogs,

The Conservative Party's "A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment" begins with two big whoppers.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer cannot own the activities of Progressive Conservative governments as his party's "proud legacy" because the PC governments were progressive and the Conservative Party is not.

Scheer's claim that Stephen Harper was responsible for the "net decline of greenhouse gas emissions between 2007 and 2015" is also bogus. The Harper government closed research laboratories, gutted environmental regulations and threatened bird clubs with Canada Revenue Agency audits for even mentioning "climate change" in the same sentence as "species loss." There was a big drop in Canada's greenhouse gas emissions that closely corresponds to the 2008 recession which led to a corresponding slowdown in fossil fuel production. Our emission levels have been increasing since 2009.

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