Dedicated followers left rudderless in a sceptical world - 2007-08-04

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F73.png Dedicated followers left rudderless in a sceptical world August 4, 2007, David Millikan, Sydney Morning Herald

At other times, he could appear broken, a shell of a man himself. In his home on the cliffs of Bundeena one day he suddenly turned and, using the plaintive voice of a young boy, said: "I can transform DNA through what I do in Kenja. You know that means we could change the evolutionary process. If only, if only, I can convince the world. But they hate me." In 1982, at the age of 60, Dyers set up Kenja Communications with Jan Hamilton, a sometime actress who taught classes in the art of clowning. Dyers claimed special gifts, insisting he could turn lost and fumbling souls into confident, beautiful leaders of men. Together, the couple began teaching what they called "energy conversion".

The Kenja website describes this meditation as a "way to permanently eliminate the suppressed emotion, thought or energy that can divert us from what we want to achieve". Today there are Kenja centres in Melbourne, Canberra, and its headquarters in Surry Hills. Kenja has about 250 members. In the years before he established Kenja, Dyers studied Scientology. In 2005 when asked about this foray into L. Ron Hubbard's "religion", he angrily said: "I've moved way beyond that."

He said a group of scientists had come to study his methods. "They said: 'You're doing quantum physics." Laughing derisively, Dyers said: "I told them: 'Bullshit, I'm so far beyond quantum physics you wouldn't have a clue'." Among his other claims, Dyers said he was a troubleshooter for Sir Frank Packer - "I worked with Clyde, not his brother" - and had been trained by the world's top samurai teacher.

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