Deeply Conservative but Hey, Don't Worry! - 2019-10-09

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F0.png Deeply Conservative but Hey, Don't Worry! October 9, 2019, Steve Burgess, The Tyee

On the stage at Monday's English language leaders' debate, Maxime Bernier stood just to the right of Andrew Scheer. Scheer was probably only too happy to have him there.

Bernier's post-convention trajectory may be unprecedented in Canadian politics. A top cabinet minister in the Harper government, a leadership candidate who came within a plastic-wrapped cheese slice of heading the Conservative party, in defeat he stomped off the edge of the political spectrum to start his own registered political troll farm, the People's Party of Canada.

That has given Scheer an opportunity to position himself as a representative of the reasonable right, and Monday he attempted to take it. He lectured Bernier: "You are making your policy based on trying to get likes and retweets from the darkest part of Twitter."

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