Dianetics logo emblazons race cars - 1988-11-26

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F15.png Dianetics logo emblazons race cars November 26, 1988, Stephen Koff, St. Petersburg Times

"Dianetics," it says, splashed seven times in bold logos on each of the two yellow race cars - one to be driven by veteran racer Mario Andretti. Dianetics is the name of a best-selling self-help book by the late L. Ron Hubbard and published by Bridge Publications of Los Angeles. Dianetics is also the "science" of freeing deep-seated psychological problems that is the basis of the Church of Scientology, a group founded by Hubbard.

And Dianetics - the logo, the book and the philosophy - is inseparable from Scientology, say former sect members.

So what's this have to do with race cars?

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