Dinesh D'Souza and the Decline of Conservatism - 2018-08-12

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F374.png Dinesh D'Souza and the Decline of Conservatism August 12, 2018, David Frum, The Atlantic

Now, as the saying goes, D'Souza is back—and bigger than ever. He has reinvented himself as something like the court intellectual of the age of Trump. Trump pardoned D'Souza on May 31, 2018. At the beginning of August, Donald Trump Jr. co-hosted the premiere of D'Souza's latest movie, Death of a Nation. The movie compares Donald Trump to Abraham Lincoln, and his Democratic opponents to Nazis. Afterward, Trump Jr. delivered a memorable summation of what he had learned from the film. "You see the Nazi platform in the early 1930s and what was actually put out there … and you look at it compared to, like, the DNC platform of today, and you're saying, man, those things are awfully similar, to a point where it's actually scary."

If you need a historian's point-by-point refutation of D'Souza's grotesque and absurd abuse of history, Princeton's Kevin Kruse has posted a useful recapitulation.

I find myself pondering a different question as I watch so many people I have known and admired subordinate their talents and their integrity to Trumpism: How has my political generation of conservatives and Republicans laid itself so intellectually and morally low?

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