Disciples, deities and development - 2015-05-16

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F112.png Disciples, deities and development May 16, 2015, Bevan Hurley, Stuff.co.nz

Tibby is a charismatic holy man, who claims to be privy to a secret knowledge that has been handed down through thousands of years of oral history. Known as Acharya Das, Tibby is secretary general of the World Vaishnava Association. He also appears in eight videos on the YouTube channel of the Science of Identity, a branch of Vaishnava Hinduism - more commonly referred to as Hare Krishna. Tibby denies he is or has ever been a member of the group.

Allan Tibby appears as the face of the group on its official YouTube channel, appearing in dozens of clips chanting and singing.

Tibby is also the main shareholder of Pukaki Tourism Holdings, a company which wants to transform a large swathe on the banks of the stupidly pretty Lake Pukaki into an 'eco-tourism and wellness' village, along with 40 residential homes.

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