Documentarian rejects Scientology objection - 2015-03-29

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F367.png Documentarian rejects Scientology objection March 29, 2015, Bill Keveney, USA Today

Gibney says he has not seen any church objections to the film that he considers legitimate and that he repeatedly sought interviews with "key people" connected to the church but was not given the opportunity to speak to them. He rejected the church's offer of the 25 interview subjects.

"Very late in the game, long after I was trying to get interviews with the people who were directly relevant to my story, they said, 'We're sending 25' – unidentified – 'people to meet with you.' Their purpose was not to elucidate the sections of the story I was interested in (but) simply to smear the individuals who are in the film. Indeed, many of those people who were sent have subsequently threatened some of the people in the film," he says. "That struck me as a kind of phony gesture."

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